At Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply, Inc., one of our main priorities is to protect the privacy of our visitors. When visiting our site, “HTTPS://STORE.NUCLEARTATTOO.COM/”, Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply will not collect any personal information unless you provide this information to us voluntarily. Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply will not sell, transmit, licence or disclose any of this information outside of Nuclear Tattoo Supply unless, required by law, necessary for Nuclear Tattoo Medical supply to perform certain tasks, or explicitly allowed by you. 

 What personal data do we collect from you?

The following is a list of information we gather from our visitors:

  • Account Registration: When you create an account, place an order, or communicate with us via email, phone, fax, or letter, we receive a list of basic information you provide to us. This information includes: name, address, phone number, email, and business information (if applicable). 
  • Ordering Products: This is personal data necessary to complete an order made online through our website “”. Data in this category includes address, payment info (last four (4) digits of your credit card number), email, and phone number. 

How will we use your personal information?

We may use the information collected when registering for an account, placing an order, signing up for our newsletter, browsing through our website in the following ways:

  1. To better streamline your browsing experience, and provide the best possible content and product offerings catered to you.
  2. To allow us to better service you in any questions that may arise during your browsing experience or any ordering issues that may arise.
  3. To quickly process your order transactions and provide the quickest shipping possible.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small packet of data sent from the website sent to the web browser while visiting most commercial websites. This data is stored on your computer and sent back to the website. These files are very small and non-intrusive to your computer. These files have no ability to read any information on your computer or perform any types of actions. 

When visiting our website, we collect certain information which does not connect or identify you personally, but supplies us with data such as visitors who click on a certain page or which product is viewed the most. This information helps up better your experience when browsing through our website by allowing us to improve the usefulness of each page.

Sales/Use of information

Under no circumstances will Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply, Inc. give away or sell your personal information to anyone else for any reason without prior written approval from yourself. Any information we gather from you through our website will solely be used to enhance your shopping experience and providing better service to you. If required by law and necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with court orders or any legal process served on our site, Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply, Inc. reserves the right to disclose your information. 


Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply, Inc. employees are familiar with our privacy policy and practices. We constantly maintain the site to limit tampering and break-ins. We cannot guarantee such events will not happen. However, Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supply, Inc. puts in many security measures to prevent such events from occurring. 

Changes to this statement

Nuclear Tattoo Medical Supplies may occasionally change this policy. When updates to this policy are made, the date shown below will also be updated to reflect the time the revision occurred.

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback or concerns pertaining to privacy or any other issues.

 Rev. 7/29/2019